Maryland Metrics: Electronic Caliper SPC Interface Screenshots

Main Screen

Main Screen Showing Some Data

Statistical Index Definitions
LSL can be set according to actual situation. If data collected is less than LSL,it is ĘCNG.
USL can be set according to actual situation. If data collected is more than USL,it is +NG.
TOL is the difference between LSL and USL.
CNT is the numbers of sampled value.
AVG is arithmetic mean of all sampled value.
STD is obtained from all sampled value.
MIN is the minimum value among all sampled value.
MAX is the maximum value among all sampled value.
R is the difference between MAX and MIN.
-NG is the numbers less than LSL among all sampled value.
+NG is the numbers more than USL among all sampled value.
P is percentage of numbers between USL and LSL among sampled value over overall sampled amount.

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