R606 series product range.
Produced by an Independent Family Enterprise
– that has been in business since 1884

  Viewable or downloadable R606 series catalog

Parts to be turned (machined) are the central business of the R606 factory
In this catalogue (Pages 2-29) you will find the scope of standard fasteners normally stocked at the factory.
Examples of some specially made items (Pages 35-36) according to our client’s design, we show only in a limited number.
Here’s a short summary:
The R606 factory can produce and process items up to a diameter of 800 mm (nearly 32 inches), lengths up to 1000 mm, and mass up to 500 kg :
• all metric and Whitworth threads and fine pitch threads as well as trapezoidal, Round-, Pipe-, NPT-, UNC-, UNF- and UN- threads.
• Free cutting steel, heat-treatable steel, structural- and case hardening steel, heat resisting and tough-at-subzero steel, stainless steel, all non-ferrous metal and light-metal alloys as well as other special materials.
• From strength grade/class 11 H to 22 H, from 5 to 12 and 04/05.
• with any kind of surface treatment
• with works certification or in cooperation with international classification companies, e.g. ABS, LR, DNV, TÜV, DB, GL.
Independent Family Enterprise – since 1884
Tradition is important to us, therefore one kept steady in changing of times: the company’s claim for quality and performance.
Consequently the existing Quality-System was enlarged in 1995 and certified by TÜV according to DIN EN ISO 9002. The registration as a producer according to AD-W0/TRD 100 was obtained already in 1993. The factory utilizes the power of tradional values in combination with innovative development. Some appropriate facts:
• Building of a substantial stock of fasteners, including stainless steel standards.
• Initiation of CNC technology since last century’s seventies and the consequent development of this technology to the principal manufacturing method, meanwhile in the fourth generation of machinery.
• Early establishment of a documented quality system and • Initiation of data processing even in production and quality system.
• Registration according to AD-W0 / TRD 100 in 1993
• Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9002 in 1994
• Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001 in 2004

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D1804.r606cat2015 14.pdf
D1816.r606cat2015 15.pdf
D2510AF.r606cat2015 16.pdf
D2510NF.r606cat2015 17.pdf
D508.r606cat2015 8.pdf
D5406.r606cat2015 19.pdf
D55027-1.r606cat2015 26.pdf
D55027-2.r606cat2015 27.pdf
D6319C.r606cat2015 20.pdf
D6319D.r606cat2015 21.pdf
D6330.r606cat2015 22.pdf
D6331.r606cat2015 23.pdf
D6367.r606cat2015 25.pdf
D70852.r606cat2015 28.pdf
D917.r606cat2015 9.pdf
D934.r606cat2015 10.pdf
D935.r606cat2015 11.pdf
D981.r606cat2015 12.pdf
DD1587.r606cat2015 13.pdf
DD6334.r606cat2015 24.pdf
DRA.r606cat2015 1.pdf
DRR.r606cat2015 1.pdf
DRS.r606cat2015 1.pdf
GUA.r606cat2015 2.pdf
GUK.r606cat2015 3.pdf
GUP.r606cat2015 4.pdf
KMT.r606cat2015 5.pdf
KMTA.r606cat2015 7.pdf
KMTx.r606cat2015 6.pdf
Z32-HEXx.r606cat2015 18.pdf
Z33-IDX-1.r606cat2015 31.pdf
Z34-IDX-2.r606cat2015 32.pdf
Z35-CUST-2.r606cat2015 30.pdf
Z36-CUST-1.r606cat2015 29.pdf

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How to order: Please preface each part number with 'R606-'
Example (using the part number + size + material): R606-GUK06M30x1,5

Phones: (800) 638-1830 or (410) 358-3130 are available Monday-Friday 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM Eastern time.
Faxes: (800) 872-9329 or (410) 358-3142 & E-mail are available anytime.
Warehouse & showroom hours are Monday-Friday 10 AM to 5:30 PM.
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